9 million hybrids sold by Toyota so far

May 26, 2016 0

The Japanese automaker, which is the pioneer of hybrid technology, has recently hit a sales milestone and it does not want to stop here.
There is no other manufacturer in the automotive industry that has made such huge efforts to promote the hybrid technology than Toyota. The Japanese automaker has … read more

Toyota has now sold 8 million hybrids around the world

August 28, 2015 0

In 1995 Toyota engineers couldn’t get the then-unheard-of Prius to even move. Two years later the hybrid join the retail market scrum, but it moved slowly for years. Eighteen years later, having sold eight million of them worldwide and expanded the line-up from that first lonely sedan to 30 models, … read more

Toyota launches new home-market hybrid minivan

July 12, 2015 0

Toyota has released a new hybrid minivan for its home market. The latest Japan-market Sienta (not to be confused with the US-market Sienna) is available in both hybrid-electric and petrol versions. An all-new three-row design, said to have been inspired by a trekking sneaker, the Sienta is geared towards … read more

Toyota Sienta minivan introduced to Japan

July 11, 2015 0

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has officially introduced the new Sienta minivan for its local auto market, which is currently available for order.
The newest model to be unveiled by Toyota is called the Sienta and this has been launched recently in Japan. The vehicle has a common design for its … read more

Toyota Sienta revealed with hybrid version

July 10, 2015 0

Toyota has introduced the Sienta minivan in Japan that is already available for order. The Japanese company explains that typical minivans are “useful but boring” and “good for school runs, but not much else” and that’s the reason why their new model has a kind of sporty design. The second … read more