Toyota’s Vibrant Clarity Design Philosophy Explained

May 26, 2016 0

Toyota’s “Vibrant Clarity” design philosophy debuted at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show on the CS&S Concept. It was meant to combine emotion (that’s the “vibrant” part of the name) and rationality (“clarity”), using simple yet stylish design that was simultaneously bold and inventive.
If … read more

Mr. Potato Head is Pleased: Toyota and Uber Join Forces

May 25, 2016 0

We’re calling it “Tuber” because there’s something inherently faintly giggle-inducing about potatoes and yams. The deal that created the nickname, however, is much more serious. The San Francisco-based 800-pound gorilla of the ridesharing world and the giant radioactive moth of the … read more

Toyota Hybrid Sales Reach 9 Million Milestone

May 24, 2016 0

The best-selling hybrids in the word.
It seems that every year, Toyota reaches a new milestone; in fact, it only took nine months for Toyota Hybrid sales to reach the nine million mark and overwrite the previous milestone.
At this point, everyone already knows that Toyota is ahead of the game when it … read more

Toyota has Sold Over 9M Hybrids Worldwide

May 21, 2016 0

Toyota has announced that its worldwide hybrid sales have eclipsed the nine-million mark.
The Japanese automaker has sold a total of 9.014-million hybrid vehicles as of April 30, with the latest million-unit milestone achieved in just nine months. Last year, Toyota added a hybrid version of its Siennaread more

Toyota Hybrid Sales Surpassed 9 Million Mark

May 20, 2016 0

Ever since the Coaster Hybrid EV was launched in August 1997 and the first-gen Prius debuted in December of the same year, Toyota managed to sell 9,014 million hybrid vehicles, worldwide. The 9 million unit mark, including plug-in hybrid cars, was reached on April 30 and the latest million-unit milestone … read more

Wald International Slammed A Toyota Prius And It Looks Hilarious

May 20, 2016 0

As Jason Derulo might not have said, “It’s riding so low.” Name any car on sale today, and you’ll almost certainly find at least one customizing company out there that’s willing to tart it up for you at the right price. Regardless of whether it’s as humble as a Fiat 500, or an outrageously styled supercar … read more

This is what a Toyota Prius lowrider looks like

May 19, 2016 0

The new Toyota Prius is many things. It is cheap to run, it is very worthy, and it is also somewhat challenging to look at it.
Japanese tuner Wald International has given itself the task of fixing that latter issue with this really very distinctive body kit. It has slammed a Prius, and we really don’t … read more

You’ll Either Love Or Hate Wald’s New Toyota Prius Tune

May 17, 2016 0

Although the new Prius is, arguably, hard on the eye, Wald took advantage of the vehicle’s edgy lines and made it even more flamboyant. The end result might be overwhelming to the onlooker, but it makes the Prius look like nothing else on the road. This is not Wald’s first attempt to spice up the … read more

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