Toyota Develops TNGA-Based Powertrain Units

December 8, 2016 0

Toyota is an absolutely mammoth automaker, rivaling even Volkswagen in terms of total units sold annually. And that means any time Toyota makes a big company-wide move, the industry pays close attention. You may have heard about Toyota’s intention to move towards widespread use of the Toyota New Global … read more

2018 Toyota Camry teased ahead of Detroit auto show

December 2, 2016 0

Toyota isn’t about to let its main bread-winner, the Camry, get old.
The Camry is, after all, the best selling car in America. The current model was new for the 2012 model year, and Toyota gave it a major refresh for 2015 after some negative reviews. Now Toyota is planning to release an all-new Camry … read more

Toyota CEO will directly oversee newly-formed EV unit

December 1, 2016 0

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda and other top executives will directly oversee the company’s newly-formed EV unit.
The company recently formed a skunkworks team to bring an electric vehicle to market, but an official statement claimed the initiative was staffed by just four workers. The quartet is said to include … read more

Toyota Chief To Head Electric Car Development

December 1, 2016 0

Toyota plans to debut a large range of EVs in 2020 when the world spotlight will be on Japan for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, as reported by TMR previously.
With a requirement for the lineup of electric passenger cars to meet its core objective of ‘fun-to-drive’ and also provide a range between re-charges … read more

Diesel Outlawed So Lexus To Go Hydrogen Fuel Cell

November 30, 2016 0

With major cities heading towards banning diesel-fuelled cars by 2020, reports in Europe suggest the all-new Lexus LS sedan will include a flagship hydrogen fuel cell model.
The fuel cell Lexus LS set for launch in 2019 is tipped to be based on the all-wheel-drive LF-FC concept car shown at the Tokyo … read more

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