Honda teases 2018 Odyssey for Detroit debut

December 20, 2016 0

Honda has published a teaser sketch for the 2018 Odyssey, previewing the all-new minivan ahead of its formal debut next month in Detroit.
The drawing hints at a fresh new look for the fifth-generation update. Its C-shape taillights appear to take inspiration from the latest Civics, drawing attention … read more

Google spins off autonomous car project, now known as ‘Waymo’

December 14, 2016 0

Google parent Alphabet has renamed its autonomous car project ‘Waymo’ as the initiative graduates into a standalone business.
The search giant’s Alphabet X ‘moonshot’ division had been investigating the technology for several years, developing software that was deployed on a fleet of modified Lexusread more

These are the Nine Most Hackable Cars

December 10, 2016 0

2017 Jeep® Cherokee Limited
Car hacking is something that’s becoming more and more concerning these days. Security researchers have found that certain cars have vulnerabilities that can lead to the driver losing control of their vehicle, but so far no real world cases of car hacking have been reported.
A … read more

The Family Sedan Is Dying And Crossovers Are The Reason

September 5, 2016 0

RAV4s are now selling better than Camrys. No joke. This really isn’t a new phenomenon but the latest numbers are confirming what we’ve long suspected: the mid-size family sedan is losing its appeal, at least for American buyers. According to Automotive News even automaker incentives aren’t working. … read more

Texas Dealership Lures Buyers Thanks To Pokemon Go

August 28, 2016 0

Who knew that a car dealership’s life-sized wooden horse would play an integral part in closing some deals? In any other time, such a scenario would be met with snickers and giggles, but since we now live in a world that’s slowly being run over by Pokemons, the impossible has become, well, possible. … read more

FCA to Toyota Motor: ‘We’re baaaack’

July 12, 2016 0

In August 2003, Toyota Motor Sales (Toyota-Lexus-Scion) outsold the Chrysler group (Chrysler-JeepDodge/Ram) for the first month ever. It was too early to anoint Toyota as a permanent member of the Big 3, but the August results were a crushing blow to Chrysler’s pride.
Chrysler, then part of DaimlerChrysler, … read more

Automakers rank high on annual ad-spending list

June 29, 2016 0

The Detroit 3’s top-10 rankings were unchanged on Advertising Age’s list of the 200 Leading National Advertisers for 2015. Most other automakers slipped in the list, as companies such as Amazon, Expedia and Merck jumped higher.
Advertising Age, an affiliate of Automotive News, published … read more

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