You’ll Either Love Or Hate Wald’s New Toyota Prius Tune

Although the new Prius is, arguably, hard on the eye, Wald took advantage of the vehicle’s edgy lines and made it even more flamboyant.

The end result might be overwhelming to the onlooker, but it makes the Prius look like nothing else on the road. This is not Wald’s first attempt to spice up the hybrid, but it is the most recent, and the most startling.

The package is quite comprehensive, featuring everything from a front spoiler lip (called a front half spoiler), to aerodynamic bumper sills, tail-lamp trims and massive multi-spoke alloy rims. All the visual components are made from ABS, and the package also includes a small head-light cover which masks the Prius’ big, awkward headlights, making them seem much more conventional.

The Prius-project looks much more rounded than it was first previewed by Wald – in rendering form – back in April, but its quintessentially Japanese approach won’t fair well anywhere else.

Under the hood nothing has changed, although the tuner is willing to upgrade the vehicle’s brake system with a high performance “6 Pot” variant.

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