You Don’t Really Need A Tire To Drive A Toyota, Do You?

There’s a myth surrounding certain Toyotas that says they are basically indestructible. Put to the test by the old Top Gear crew, it referred to an old workhorse that simply refused to die.

However, what we’re dealing with it here is not exactly a pickup truck, or an old vehicle, for that matter, but a RAV4.

The SUV was caught on camera by a fellow motorist calmly cruising the highway with its front left tire completely missing and its rim grinding into the tarmac.

As for the lady holding the wheel, she definitely knew that there’s something wrong with her car, as the blinkers were on. Now, we don’t know what’s the reason for doing this, but the police officers that pulled her over after many miles were just as baffled as we were when we clicked the play button.


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