Would You Pay $7 Million For A Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition?

Nearly four years after the Lexus LFA‘s production ended in late 2012, Japan’s first supercar of the 21st century is rubbing shoulders with Italy’s finest exotics in the used car market.

When it was brand new, the base LFA was priced at $375,000, but then came the Nurburgring Edition, which added $70,000 for an assortment of performance goods.

Among these was a 10 HP boost for the V10 mill, a larger front spoiler, a fixed rear wing, re-tuned suspension, a tweaked 6-speed sequential transmission, and new wheels and tires that all helped shave an impressive 8.85 seconds off the standard model’s Nordschleife lap time. For another $20k, Lexus would also paint your special edition in matte black.

Out of a total production run of 500 LFAs, only 50 cars were built to Nurburgring Edition specification, which makes it a very rare car indeed, but there’s a huge distance from its six-digit MSRP when it was brand new to this example that’s for sale with an asking price of €6,430,000 (equivalent to $7,166,810).

The seller didn’t provide any extra details on the limited edition Lexus LFA on mobile, but it is mentioned that chassis number 00275 was driven for just 680 km (423 miles). As a bonus, the vehicle has been signed by Toyota Motor Company’s CEO, Akio Toyoda.

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