Watch Doc Brown and Marty McFly Go “Back to the Future” for the Toyota Mirai

BTTF Toyota Mirai

The car most people associate with the Back to the Future franchise is the DeLorean, but Doc Brown and Mary McFly have reunited to promote the Toyota Mirai. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox are shown in this clip talking about how well the movie predicted the future and which technologies made the cut.

We all know flying cars are not on that list, but there are a few things that did make it into the real future. 3D movies and fingerprint technology are a reality, but there aren’t dog-walking robots and fax machines are now a relic. Unless you’re Christopher Lloyd.

2016 Toyota Mirai

He admits to owning one and Fox gives him a hard time, asking who the heck he sends faxes to these days. Lloyd has no real answer, but says he’ll be faxing Fox to prove he’s still got his trusty fax at the ready.

The clip is a preview for a longer featurette that that will debut on October 21 to promote the Toyota Mirai and celebrate the on-sale date for the Mirai. This also happens to be the day in the future that appeared in the second film. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there’s a flying Mirai in our future.

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