Wald’s 2016 Toyota Prius Is A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Development of Wald International’s ‘Sports Line’ tuning package for the fourth-gen Toyota Prius that we first heard back in February this year continues with the Japanese tuner releasing a new render and photos from the building stage.

Leaving aside the more suitable white body, the only other differentiators here are the red accents, the new wheels and two additional vents – who knows why – on either side of the license plate holder.

Otherwise, it has the same styling kit as before, including the redesigned bumper with accents that split the headlamps in two and dual canards on the corners, side skirts, a rear diffuser (seen on the previous photos) and boot spoiler.

Naturally, it’s a matter of personal taste whether you like what Wald proposes for the Prius, but you can’t deny that it’s trying its best to give the impression of stuffing a gazillion horses under its hood, which couldn’t be further from the truth, as the Japanese company’s product portfolio is strictly limited to body kits, wheels and suspension kits. So in this form, it retains the stock model’s 121hp hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain.

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