Wald Prepares Us For A Modified Toyota Land Cruiser

The brand new, stock Toyota Land Cruiser has a balanced and poised design, but that didn’t stop Wald from transforming it into a massive, intimidating brute.

Granted, some may think the new “improvements” are hard on the eye, but as you’d expect from the Japanese tuner, the visual package is pretty thorough and carefully studied to make the most out of the Toyota. The front bumper extension – which adopts the car’s overall design pretty well – gives it a powerful presence, even though it  beats the vehicle’s initial purpose; still, it goes to show that even a Toyota can look…pimping.

To further emphasize the car’s proportions and to accommodate the humongous wheels, Wald equipped the Land Cruiser with widened fender flares that offer the car an aggressive stance.

Mind you, things may seem as complex at the back as they are at the front of the car, but the SUV’s newly adopted styling package only includes a bumper extension (which incorporates the exhaust and the diffuser with the Formula 1 – inspired LED) and a small spoiler under the window; the rest is Toyota’s own personal touch.

Judging by the badging at the back, the big SUV sports a JDM-spec 4.6 L V8 1UR-FE mill, but since Wald only decided to tease us on the upcoming final product, we don’t know if the powertrain was upgraded too.

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