VW ‘Last Mile’ scooter heads to production with 12-mile range

VW ‘Last Mile’ scooter heads to production with 12-mile range

Volkswagen is reportedly preparing to bring its Last Mile Surfer scooter to market sometime next year.

Presented as a rival to the Segway, the three-wheeled electric mobility device serves as a shuttle that can bring drivers to and from their parked vehicle. Target customers include urban residents or workers who typically park relatively far away from their final destination, requiring a lengthy walk.

The package weighs just 24 pounds and collapses to fit in a trunk. When deployed, a control arm rises from the center and allows the driver to control steering and speed.

Drivers can expect the integrated lithium-ion battery to keep running for more than 12 miles, according to an Autocar report. Top speed has not been announced, but will likely not be much faster than a natural walking pace.

The company is said to be planning a launch sometime in 2016 with a price tag under 1,000 euros (~$1,100 USD), though it is unclear if it will be heading to the US market.

Other automakers have been considering entries into the personal mobility segment. Toyota is currently testing the ‘Winglet’ ridable robot, similar to the Segway than the Last Mile Surfer, that could arrive on the market next year.

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