[Video] Toyota Hilux drives beneath the ice of a frozen lake – the catch is it’s an RC car

[Video] Toyota Hilux drives beneath the ice of a frozen lake – the catch is it’s an RC car image

We’ve all heard rumors and whispers around the corner about the legendary indestructibility of the Japanese pickup truck but it’s even more compelling and dumbfounding when you find this latest feat was done by a radio controlled car.

It appears there’s no end to the possibilities of entertaining yourself when playing with an RC car – as we’ve seen them doing everything and more just like their bigger real life counterparts, whether it’s tackling rough terrain, drifting like Ken Block or going fast in Veyon Super Sport style. But we do give kudos to the footage below because it’s the first time we’ve heard of one going under the ice of a frozen lake. By the way, we should all imagine what would happen if something goes wrong – does the owner go Bear Grylls on it like a polar bear?

While having an RC toy car drive under the thin sheet of ice on a lake might not sound utterly cool, we have to tell you this was one of the weirdest things we saw in the world of the automobile. There was some preparation before the feat was achieved, of course. First off, they selected an electric Hilux model because it doesn’t need air to run. Then they made sure everything was waterproofed so that no fish would die from being electrocuted. By the way, at the end you’ll also see the Hilux off-road abilities at work as it claws its way out and in the end there are also some nice drifts atop the ice – with the added plus that if the ice broke the car would have survived unharmed.

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