[Video] Remember the moose test? The 2016 Toyota Hilux also failed

[Video] Remember the moose test? The 2016 Toyota Hilux also failed image

Wow, it’s been a while since we last heard about the dreaded moose test that almost “killed” the Mercedes A Class back in the day – but it turns out there are still vehicles that didn’t take it into account.

For example the 2016 Toyota Hilux commercial pickup truck almost rolled while undergoing a testing routine by a Swedish auto magazine. And it’s not the first time – because in 2007 the seventh-generation also spectacularly failed the infamous “moose test” when probed by Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld. At just 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour) it rode up to two wheels and was degrees from rolling over and only the driver’s quick reaction saved the day. Now the magazine repeated the test with the newest Hilux – and surprisingly, it was doing the exact same thing.

In case you forgot, the moose test is a rapid lane change exercise consisting of a left turn followed by a right turn, mimicking an evasive maneuver around something that appears unexpectedly in front of the vehicle. Driver Oskar Kruger said “it feels as if the car gets too much grip. I am totally focused on getting the car into the first lane again and I notice nothing until we are about to tip over. Then I countersteer and the wheels get back on the ground.” The test was performed at just 37 mph (59.5 km/h). The truck was loaded with 1,830 pounds (830 kilograms) of weight, 379 lbs (179 kg) below the limit and the magazine also tested a Hilux using smaller, 17-inch wheels, with the same result, only with a milder response.

Via Teknikens Varld

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