[Video] Japanese sports car takes on American fighter jet… in Spain

[Video] Japanese sports car takes on American fighter jet… in Spain image

Interestingly enough, we’re pretty much hyped about the arrival of the all new Lexus LC sports car – and so we didn’t need any marketing stunts to get the anxiety level up.

While we appreciate the latest quirkiness in terms of design coming from Lexus, we never really much cared about their roster until the arrival of the NX compact crossover or the introduction of the flagship LC coupe. Now the design ideas of the brand do make sense, being wrapped in compelling packages that bring something new to their respective segments. Now the two door luxury coupe has been placed a bit out of its league in a bid to race a jet fighter. We’ve seen plenty of those – the jet is heavy and will roll slow off the mark, but once it catches the speed will put to good use those afterburners. Now Lexus’ Spanish distributor has recently unveiled a PR stunt video in which a smoking red LC 500 girlhandled by actress Mar Saura takes on an American jet fighter. It’s a vide with a twist so you’ll have to watch ti understand because we’re not spilling the beans.

The full story, albeit in Spanish, is pretty much easy to understand. The video was shot with the help of the Spanish Air Force at the Torrejon airport on the outskirts of Madrid. In case you forgot, the mighty LC 500 uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine also housed inside the bellies of the RC F and GS F, pulling here its weight with 467 horsepower. It has been linked to a new ten-speed automatic and delivers the power in a classic way to the rear wheels. If you’re feeling green, of course there’s also the option to go for the LC 500h.

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