US: Toyota starts the year with 4.7% sales step back

US: Toyota starts the year with 4.7% sales step back image

Toyota Motor sales were held back by a slow demand for its cars in January, a further downfall being stopped again by solid trucks deliveries.

“The industry is off to a healthy start in 2016,” Bill Fay, general manager of Toyota Division, said. “For Toyota Division, RAV4 led the way with a record January, and pickup truck sales continued to rise, setting a new January Toyota Division light-truck record.” However, January did not start on such good sales terms for Toyota in the United States. With two selling days in minus last month, the world’s largest automaker reported a total sales volume of 161,283 units, a decrease of 4.7 percent from January 2015. With 140,350 units delivered, Toyota division’s sales fell 3.9 percent, but the brand’s SUVs and crossovers cushioned the drop by rising 0.9 percent, while pickups increased by 1.7 percent. Combined, Toyota Motor light truck sales hit 84,841 vehicles, up 4.4 percent. By contrast, Toyota’s car lineup started the year with an 11 percent fall, Camry being the only model on the positive side of the line. RAV4 posted its best-ever January with sales of 21,554 units, up 8.7 percent, while Highlander reported best January figures since 2008 of 11,258 vehicles.

Toyota’s January results were also pushed down by its luxury Lexus unit. As a brand, Lexus was down 9.5 percent to 20,933 vehicles, with double-digit percentage declines across its car lineup, but with 7 percent gain in light trucks demand. The drop follows a solid 2105 for Lexus, when it sold approximately 652,000 vehicles globally, up 12 percent from 2014, with North America accounting for around 368,000 units, up 12 percent.

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