Try Calling This Custom Toyota Sienna A Soccer Mom’s Minivan

When the word “minivan” springs into mind, nobody thinks of something awesome and cool.

Still, while relocating its U.S. headquarters to Plano, Texas, Toyota managed to come up with this lifted 4×4 Sienna as one of the official vehicles for “The North America Expedition”.

The North America Expedition is a sort of team-building program that allows Toyota team members to “get out from behind their desks” – as Toyota stated – and experience in the real world the vehicles they design, engineer, manufacture and sell.

And what a better way to do such an expedition than with a car that can’t be bought by the general public. Mind you, there will be other Toyota vehicles in the convoy, but this one is the coolest, so I’ll talk about it.

Called the Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV), it’s basically a custom Sienna body mounted on a Tacoma chassis built to stand out from the crowd at this year’s SEMA event. The Sienna respects the lifted-look trend, popular in Texas, and boasts off-road tires, widened wheel arches with beefed-up fender flares, custom bumpers and a Mad-Max matte paint scheme.

Mind you, the roof LED light bar is a must, since the car has smoked-out headlights. Now that’s what I call the opposite of a soccer mom car.

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