TRD Enhances New Toyota Prius With Some JDM Goodies

TRD’s body-kit offering makes the Prius more aerodynamic and almost pleasant to look at.

A couple of months ago, we stumbled upon a brochure showcasing multiple interesting aftermarket-mods for the Prius. One of the “tuners” was none other than Toyota’s own TRD division, presenting its take on how the new hybrid should look. But, as you’ll see, TRD’s visual enhancements are far more efficient-focused than initially thought.

Offered in two distinctive variants, the body kits are composed from the usual bits and pieces; but what makes them interesting, is that both versions were engineered based on a CFD analysis (Computational fluid dynamics), after adjusting the airflow to improve straight-line stability and increase downforce.

The add-ons are made from PPE and ABS plastic, and include a front spoiler, side skirts, trunk spoiler, rear bumper and a new set of aluminum 18-inch TRD TF8 wheels with tire set. The body kits may appear to be similar, but each one sports its unique style; for instance, Ver.1 has LED daytime running lights integrated into the spoiler.

Of course, a TRD kit isn’t complete if it doesn’t come with some mechanical improvements as well, and it comes as no surprise to learn that the company offers motion control beams, high response mufflers, member brace sets and a suspension set.

The price for a basic visual upgrade costs roughly $2,876 in Japan and it goes up as you tick more optional equipment.

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