Toyota’s YUKÕ Car Sharing Program Features Nothing But Hybrids

Toyota has just unveiled its car sharing program currently being piloted in the cities of Dublin, Ireland and Forli, Italy.

Dubbed YUKÕ, Japanese for ‘let’s go’, it consists solely of hybrid models, specifically the Toyota Prius, Yaris Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid. The pilot will initially consist of 15 vehicles available in select parts of Dublin while 7 will be accessible in Forli.

According to chief executive of Toyota Ireland, Steve Tormey, “We are honored that Toyota Europe has chosen Dublin for the launch of YUKÕ and are very excited about the promise YUKÕ holds for addressing some of the key mobility issues in large metropolitan areas such as Dublin. We want to democratize our technology by providing customers access to the latest high tech hybrid vehicles.”

The company says that it was prompted to launch the program to allow individuals who don’t want to own a vehicle to get behind the wheel of a Toyota and, if it proves popular, will be expanded with more vehicles across a large number of European cities.

In Forli, Italy, YUKÕ users will enjoy free access to traffic restricted areas of the city and paying parking areas. The city’s mayor hopes this will be the first step in making the region more accessible while meeting health, quality of life and environmental needs.

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