Toyota’s U.S. Sales Fall For The Fourth Straight Month, Down 5%

Toyota has posted its four consecutive month of declining sales in the United States.

Throughout the month of August, the company’s American sales fell by 5 per cent to 213,125 vehicles, largely due to the reduced demand for Toyota’s car and pickup truck models.

Sales across Toyota and Scion dropped by 4.6 per cent to 182,187 and within that lowered total was a 12 per cent decrease in car sales and a 4 per cent fall in pickup sales. The company’s light-truck sales did rise by 9.1 per cent however while figures for Lexus fell by 7.6 per cent to 30,938 sales.

Compared to August 2015, Toyota sold fewer units of every one of its car models, except the hydrogen-powered Mirai. This was somewhat offset by greater demand for SUV models. More specifically, the RAV4 experienced an 8.6 per cent jump in sales up to 33,171 units. Sales of the Highlander and 4Runner also rose by 12 and 16 per cent respectively.

In a statement, group vice president and general manager of Toyota’s U.S. division, Bill Fay said “Coming off the strongest SAAR of the year at 17.9M units in July, the industry took a bit of a step back in August.”

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