Toyota’s TRD Division Makes The Lexus RX Look Even More Striking

Toyota Racing Development thinks the newly-launched Lexus RX could go for a little more street-cred, and that’s why it offers a styling package just for the chiseled brute.

The improved “F-Sport Parts” enhance the aerodynamic balance of the luxury SUV, making the imposing SUV a little more streamlined in the process. Since its target group is not inclined to take it to the road less traveled, TRD fitted 22-inch, forged aluminum rims which – according to Toyota – combines functionality and design.

TRD has also added two performance dampers, which increase stability and provide a “calm” chassis by canceling the micro-vibrations of the car’s body.

The entire visual-enhancement kit was created with function in mind, offering less air resistance and optimizing the air flow around the car to improve straight-running stability. That’s the official word, anyway, we suspect though that apart making the newly-launched RX more aggressive was their prime target. Not having driven it, we can’t comment on its road manners, but they sure got that “aggressive” part right.

H/T to Autoblog Japan

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