Toyota’s Tiny Crossover is Real and This is It


A tiny Toyota crossover is set to become a reality and we have spy photos of the new model out testing. 

This compact crossover has its sights set on the Nissan Juke and newly introduced Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3. Style will be borrowed from the C-HR Concept, which debuted last year at the Paris Motor Show, while power will likely come from a four-cylinder engine mated to a CVT.

There is also a possibility that this small crossover could be branded as a Prius, as the concept was shown with a hybrid drivetrain.

Aggressive looking wheels and tires on this prototype suggest that Toyota is looking to make sure its small crossover offers decent performance along with some fun-to-drive characteristics.

It has been rumored that the small crossover would wear a Scion badge, but that doesn’t seem likely. “I’m open to a crossover, but as I look at crossovers in the market there’s a lot I wouldn’t want because I think they’d they’d work better with a Toyota badge on their hood than a Scion badge,” brand boss Doug Murtha told in an interview.

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