Toyota’s S-FR Coupe Concept Makes It’s First Live Appearancs [w/Video]

When we heard that Toyota was developing a smaller, sub-GT86 sports car, we imagined something similar to this concept, but more aggressive-looking.

At a first glance, you might think that the S-FR Concept seems ready to challenge Daihatsu’s Copen Kei-car or even Honda’s S660 model, but its size – at 3,990mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,320mm tall – reveals that the Toyota-branded, small sports car actually seeks to make life a lot harder for the Mazda MX-5.

According to Toyota, the S-FR “emphasizes responsiveness, and aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving”, and it uses plenty of tricks to do so. It comes with a front mid-engine layout – with its mill mounted behind the front axle – an optimal weight distribution, rear-wheel-drive, and manual gearbox to entice driving aficionados.

Moreover, the production model – if there will ever be one – is rumored to sport a 1.5-litre, 130 hp powerplant, combined with a very, very low weight (probably under a ton). Does this recipe look familiar?

The concept’s retro design is apparently inspired by the classic Toyota S800, but its looks are more reminiscent of the Toyota 86 style Cb. It seems that Toyota’s renewed commitment to build more fun automobiles is slowly taking shape.


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