Toyota’s North American production surpasses two million units

Toyota‘s North American production surpasses two million units

Toyota has set a production record in North America, building more than two million units on the continent in 2015.

The specific production totals include 2,035,028 vehicles adorned with Toyota, Scion and Lexus badges, along with 1,933,702 engines. The milestone represents a significant increase from 2011, when less than 1.3 million vehicles were built in North America.

The company’s Kentucky facility accounted for the largest number of vehicles, with more than 450,000 vehicles rolling off the assembly line. The plant now builds more than 330,000 Camry sedans each year.

Combining output from Toyota’s Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi and Texas factories, along with the approximately 80,000 Camry sedans built at Subaru’s Indiana plant, the US accounts for 65 percent of the company’s North American production. Most of the remaining total is produced in Canada, while around 108,000 units rolled off two assembly lines in Mexico.

The Japanese automaker has been building vehicles in Ontario and Kentucky for 30 years. This year also marks 20-year anniversaries in Indiana and West Virginia, a 15-year run in Alabama and five years of assembly in Mississippi.

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