Toyota’s New York Show Prius Addition Visualized

Although we don’t have an official confirmation yet, Toyota is likely getting ready to reveal the plug-in version of the Prius at the New York Auto Show.

Unlike the previous iteration, Toyota has decided to give the PHEV version new styling features in order to make the two versions more visually distinctive with the single teaser image showing a totally different lighting signature of the rear end.

This rendering from Japan’s MagX, imagines what Toyota is planning to reveal at the New York Auto Show and we think it looks very, very convincing for a render.

The rear end is now dominated by the single rear light that follows the shape of the rear spoiler while the front takes styling cues from the Toyota Mirai, giving a face way more acceptable than that of the normal Prius.

It’s no secret that Toyota wants to offer a whole family of Prius models while giving each one a character of its own is definitely the way to go.

All we have to do is wait for the official reveal to see if the render artist is right or not.

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