Toyota Unveils Surprise 86 Shooting Brake Concept In Australia

Toyota has dropped a bomb at an Australian motoring media event today, unveiling the 86 Shooting Brake Concept – marking the concept’s global debut.

In the unassuming surrounds of Canberra’s Sutton Road Driver Training Centre, Toyota Australia’s design chief, Nic Hogios, pulled back the covers on the second offical Toyota 86 concept, joining the 86 Open Concept of 2013.

Billed strictly as a design study, Hogios explained how the local team took the Shooting Brake from sketch to clay scale model, before submitting the concept to Toyota Japan.

From there the Australian team were invited to present the design to Toyota Japan, who then set about constructing a full-size, driveable concept.

From the beginning, the 86 Shooting Brake was envisaged as a full-metal vehicle with a working tailgate – free of fibreglass panels or off-limits interiors, as is usually the case with concept vehicles.

While the Australian team initially considered going further, making other body changes to suit the design, restraint ruled, and the front panels and doors are taken directly from the production 86.

The concept itself, by Hogios’ admission, is a “raw concept” designed for on-road evaluation. And the vehicle unveiled this afternoon in Canberra has evaluation mileage under its belt.

Close inspection reveals that, although the Shooting Brake features a longer roofline, with an uninterrupted flow from the top of the windscreen to the newly crafted tailgate, beneath some clever masking, the production door glass carries over.

The new rear sheet-metal and tailgate adds a mere 39kg to the concept, compared to the coupe.

Toyota 86 chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada said that he “dreamed of a family of cars” at the start of the 86 program, and described his desire to be able to travel with his four dogs as part of the process that led to the Shooting Brake.

While the 86 Shooting Brake cuts an impressive form in the metal, Toyota is tight-lipped about a production future, either in this generation, or for the current 86’s successor.

If you think the 86 Shooting Brake is something you’d like to see in your driveway, now’s the time to petition your local Toyota dealer.

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