Toyota Unveils New Engines and Transmissions

Toyota has unveiled its new TNGA-based powertrain units.

Taking advantage of its Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) structural reform for making better cars, the Japanese automaker has developed new engines and transmissions while further evolving its hybrid systems. The company intends to launch these new powertrain units in its range of vehicles starting next year and promises they are designed to have a high level of environmental performance.

According to Toyota, the new powertrain units provide approximately 10 percent better power performance and approximately 20 percent better fuel economy.

The company is calling its new line of internal-combustion engines “Dynamic Force Engines,” with their basic structures rethought using TNGA to achieve high-level driving and environmental performance. The engine introduced is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder unit with the world’s best thermal efficiencies due to a reduction in energy losses associated with exhaust and cooling systems and the movement of mechanical parts.

But the biggest news is the unveiling of two new transmissions, an eight-speed unit and a 10-speed automatic transmission. When developing both transmissions, Toyota took various measures to minimize energy loss and heighten transmission efficiency. The two new transmissions are also lighter and more compact than comparative conventional units, further lowering a vehicle’s fuel requirements.

Toyota will continue building on these new powertrain units and plans to introduce 17 versions of nine engines, 10 versions of four transmissions, a new continuously variable transmission and 10 versions of six hybrid systems by the end of 2021. These new powertrain units will be used in 60 percent or more of Toyota- and Lexus-brand vehicles.

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