Toyota UK’s Initial D tribute GT86 comes to life

Toyota UK’s Initial D tribute GT86 comes to life

Toyota UK has released video of their custom, Initial D-inspired GT86 tackling some winding roads in its full tofu delivery livery.

Earlier this month, Toyota released some artwork of a “panda” color schemed GT86 in surroundings inspired by Shuichi Shigeno’s famous graphic novel and animated series Initial D. The story, about a tofu delivery boy who rises through the ranks of Japan’s underground drifting scene in a classic Toyota AE86, is one of the most beloved works of automotive fiction in Japan and around the world.

Inspired by the series, Toyota UK created a one-off GT86 — known as the Scion FR-S in the US, but soon to be renamed the Toyota 86 in the wake of Scion’s cancellation — complete with the “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” logo on the door and a host of tribute mods.

For example, like the AE86 manga car, the GT86 rides on a TRD Sportivo suspension, runs an aftermarket Fujitsubo exhaust, and gunmetal RS Watanabe wheels. Also, the fog lights were painted yellow, the mirrors and door handles were wrapped in carbon fiber effect to mimic the original’s black plastic, and a carbon fiber hood added.

Furthermore, the spoiler was deleted and mudflaps were added to match the original AE86. Black trim was added to connect the taillights, which were smoked to mirror the factory lights of the GT Apex trim level. Even the engine cover has been painted silver like the Toyota 20-valve inline-four of the Initial D car. That’s a lot of attention to detail that only the most hard-core enthusiasts would notice.

The Initial D tribute car will tour the UK visiting various automotive events this summer.

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