Toyota Tundrasine Is The Lone Star Way Of Going To The Prom

Eight doors and a rear bed sound more like a house than a pickup truck turned limousine but this is the Toyota Tundrasine and it’s on display at SEMA. Folks, it’s time to break that piggy bank because you are about to go hunting like never before.

What started out as a Toyota Tundra ended up being transformed into a limousine. That makes no sense but, hey, who are we to judge the weird creations popping up from the automotive industry. The model was unveiled by the Japanese-based brand in Las Vegas and it was based on the Tundra 1794 Editions 4×4 CrewMax 5.7L V8.

Besides the stretched body, it’s also bringing no less than 8 doors, split in the two sides, and it’s wearing a Midnight Black Metallic paint on its exterior. The overall length of the vehicle increased by 90.2 inches, to a total of 319.1 inches, while the height, width and tracks are the same, representing 76.2-inch, 79.9-inch and 67.9 (front) and 67.9 (rear), respectively. The curb weight now stands at 7,978 lbs, up 2,288 lbs.

A limousine wouldn’t be real if it didn’t have the fancy interior to go by and Toyota’s newest “child” makes no exception. The cabin was covered with brown leather, individual seats, mood lighting and it’s described as “chauffeur-driven”. Hopefully the automaker is not considering putting it into production…

The Tundrasine is one display at the Las Vegas Convention Center, at the 2015 SEMA Show, between November 3 and 6.

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