Toyota Trademarks S-FR Name For New Supra?

Toyota has sought to trademark the name ‘S-FR’, leading to further speculation a successor to the Supra is in the works.

Since the FT-1 concept (pictured, above and below) was unveiled in early 2014, consistent rumours have suggested Toyota will eventually revisit the popular sports model.

The Japanese carmaker’s links with BMW have further strengthen those rumours, with the pair believed to be working on a joint sports car project for which BMW will supply the engines.

Toyota already reserved the name ‘Supra’ with the US trademark office in 2014 shortly after the FT-1 was unveiled, and this new application covers “automobiles and structural parts thereof”.

Fans are hoping that S-FR stands for ‘sports car, front engined, rear-wheel-drive’, but this is merely speculation at this stage. Scion in the US sells the FR-S, which rearranges the description accordingly.

Toyota is believed to be aiming for a 2017 debut for its new Supra, with the sports car to sell as a 2018 model.

Reports predict a six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine for the Supra, and a starting price in the US above US$55,000 (AU$71,100).

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