Toyota to suspend all car production in Japan due to steel factory explosion

Toyota to suspend all car production in Japan due to steel factory explosion

Toyota has just confirmed that it will suspend all car production in Japan for six days from February 8 to 13 due to an explosion at a key steel supplier’s factory.

Production is currently slated to resume on February 15.

The explosion at the Aichi Steel’s Chita plant in central Japan took place on January 8, 2016. According to Reuters, the company expects to resume steel making operations at the factory in March.

In the mean time, Toyota says that it will “take any measures necessary to minimise the impact of this incident on vehicle production”, including sourcing steel from Aichi’s other steel making facilities, as well as other suppliers.

According to Toyota, “vehicle production on lines outside Japan will not be suspended”. It’s not known, though, at this stage what effect this will have on the supply of Toyota vehicles around the world.

Toyota Prius 2016_4

Above: New Toyota Prius. Top: Production of the Toyota Mirai.

Popular model lines, such as the Camry, Corolla and Hilux, are made in various locations throughout the world. Others, such as the majority of the Lexus range and latest-generation Prius, are produced only in Japan.

Last year, the Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands made a total 8.9 million vehicles. Just over 5.7 million of these were made in factories outside of Japan.

Of the roughly 3.2 million Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars made in Japan in 2015, just under 1.8 million were exported to overseas markets.

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