Toyota to show production C-HR in Geneva

Toyota to show production C-HR in Geneva

Toyota has confirmed launch timing for the production version of its C-HR concept.

Initially unveiled in 2014 as a design study at the Paris Motor Show, the C-HR presents a bold styling for Toyota’s first entry in the compact crossover segment. Its faceted form is said to take inspiration from diamonds and gemstones.

An updated and slightly toned-down revision was introduced this year in Frankfurt, with new LED headlights and a five-door layout that bring the concept closer to its production form.

Recent spy footage suggests the production C-HR will keep a high stance and sculpted bodywork, though the prototype appears to be less coupe-like with more glass all around.

The crossover will be one of the first new models built upon Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. It is unclear if the production build will be powered by the concept’s hybrid system, which pairs an electric motor and a gasoline engine with more than 40 percent thermal efficiency. Traditional non-hybrid powertrains are also expected to be available.

The production C-HR is due to be revealed at the Geneva show, scheduled for spring 2016, before arriving on the market to take on the Nissan Juke by summer of the same year, according to Autocar.

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