Toyota to scuttle Scion by summer

The Scion C-HR concept car

Toyota has made the decision to kill off its Scion brand this August after a 13-year attempt to capture a more youthful market with the oft-time quirky designs have failed to light a bright enough fire.

Although Scion seemed to shine during its first 4-years, there has been a significant change in attitude toward the Japanese carmaker among younger drivers, thanks in great part to its major recalls involving (unintended) acceleration problems, and other recall issues that have plagued the company in recent years. That is not to say, however, that other badges have lost their appeal among consumers.

While, Bob Carter, senior vice president of operations for Toyota Motor Sales notes that “while Gen Xers wouldn’t touch the same brand their parents and grandparents liked,” he told Automotive News that “Millennials see Toyota more favorably than they did Scion.”

“Today, youth buyers are in a completely different position than they were 13 years ago,” Carter he continued. “That’s really what’s driving this decision.”

In other words, Automotive News reports that the iA, iM and FR-S models will bear Toyota badges for the 2017 model year when they hit dealer showrooms this summer, and that the CH-R crossover concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show last year will be marketed as a Toyota in 2017, after the production version is introduced in Geneva in March.

Toyota also said the move won’t mean any of its products are getting cut and that it won’t change its relationship with partners Mazda and Subaru.

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