Toyota to preview next-gen taxi for Japan with updated JPN Taxi Concept

Toyota will provide a glimpse of its next generation taxi for Japan with a revised version of the 2013 JPN Taxi Concept.

It was two years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show where Toyota unlived a taxi concept which is now being updated ahead of a market launch planned before April 2018 in Japan. This latest iteration of the concept is being developed to “embody the spirit of Japanese hospitality” and also to be compatible with the latest societal modification in a country where the rapidly aging population is also a factor considered during development.

The 2015 JPN Taxi Concept comes with a wide-opening slide door and has a low floor to ease entrance inside the wheelchair-accessible spacious cabin. According to Toyota, the production version will comply with the government’s objective of offering taxis and buses which are barrier-free and are tailored to the local needs.

Power will come from a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid setup currently in development that aims to be “highly economical” and also less harmful to the environment compared to other taxis in Japan. Toyota says their engineers are working on the taxi to withstand long-distance usage, so it will be suitable for more than just short trips around town.

The updated JPN Taxi Concept will be shown through a promo clip starting Thursday at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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