Toyota to expand its US output of trucks and SUVs

Toyota to expand its US output of trucks and SUVs image

Toyota Motor plans to slightly increase the production of trucks and SUVs next year, due to a high US demand for such segments.

Trucks and SUVs are the main drivers of the US auto sales, as these kinds of vehicles are always on top of customer lists. From their point of view, the harder choice is to pick one or the other. All major automakers in the country have announced plans to meet such demand by expanding their big cars line-up or by boosting their production capacity. Toyota Motor also has such intentions, several of its executives said in a recent interview. Toyota’s full-size pickup truck, Tundra, is down to about 20 days of supply, and its US dealers have only ten days’ supply of the Tacoma, the mid-size truck, according to Bob Carter, senior vice president for US Toyota operations, and Bill Fay, head of the US Toyota brand, in an interview with Reuters. “If you were to ask any of our dealers what they want, I’d say every one of them would say ‘More trucks,’” Carter said.

So, the plan was set into motion by the recent addition of a third shift at Baja California plant, Mexico, that builds the Tacoma, and by bringing more workers at its San Antonio, Texas, factory that makes the Tacoma and the Tundra, Carter and Fay said. The new workers and extra production will be in place in San Antonio by the middle of next year, Fay added. Toyota will sell about 290,000 Tundras and Tacomas in the United States this year, he said, and will exceed 300,000 in 2016 with the boost in production. Carter also stated that Toyota would like to have between 45 and 55 days of supply of their two pickups.

Via Bloomberg

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