Toyota Tacoma Habitat Shell Lets You Camp Anywhere in Comfort

Tacoma Habitat

Here’s a hypothetical: you have a Toyota Tacoma, and you want to go camping at the top of a volcano. Good news, AT Overland Equipment just built a habitat shell that turns the bed of your Tacoma into a camper that large enough for one adult to stand in. It can also be customized to perfectly fit your needs.

It falls somewhere between a standard truck topper and a slide-in camper. The habitat can be deployed by just one person, has a waterproof canopy, and a cantilever sleeping platform that supports 600 pounds. The bed is also large enough to sleep two people.

Tacoma Habitat 3

The shell is lightweight too, coming in at only 340 pounds thanks to the use of aluminum composites. It’s a total of 15-feet long with seven feet of headroom making it a pretty comfortable living space, even if you are at the top of an active volcano.

Once you deploy the platform, it doubles a protective awning over the rear of truck giving you a sheltered outdoor workspace. They have designs for multiple generations of the Tacoma with five and six-foot truck beds.

You can buy your own Tacoma habitat shell for a starting price of $8,600.

Tacoma Habitat 2

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