Toyota Supra Spy Shots Inspire Production-Spec Renderings

Among the most eagerly anticipated cars set to be released next year, the reborn Supra is expected to put Toyota back on the performance sports car map and revive one of Japan’s most iconic cars.

Spied a multitude of times in recent weeks, the new Supra will take some design inspiration from the FT-1 concept car. However, as production is still some way from commencing, recently spied prototypes haven’t been sporting road-ready bumpers, lights or a finalized hood.

Thankfully, a couple members of the SupraMKV forum have stepped in and rendered what they believe the finished car will look like, based around the latest spy pictures.

While many of the body panels of prototypes aren’t finished, the roof, A, B and C pillars are all expected to remain the same when the veils come off the car in 2017. Consequently, these two renderings maintain the same roofline which bares a striking resemblance to that of the Toyota (GT)86 and Subaru BRZ twins. Additionally, the rear quarter panels and doors are very similar to the 86.

As test cars haven’t been fitted with production-spec headlights either, it’s difficult to know what they will look like by the car’s introduction. In one of the renderings, headlights similar to those of the FT-1 concept have been fitted albeit slightly restrained for the road.

At the front, it’s impossible to know if the new Supra will sport a large single grille like the 86 or if it will instead feature a smaller front grille and individual air intakes on either side. Whatever the case may be, expect the new Supra to be hungry for air, especially if rumors about its powertrain hold true.

It is speculated that the sports car will receive a hybrid powertain co-developed with BMW and producing a combined 400 hp. Not too shabby.

Hat tip to Tuan!

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