Toyota Supra On Satin Bronze Rims Take Us On a Trip Down Memory Lane

These new Competition Series S6 wheels from Strasse Forged are making their official debut on a right hand drive 1998 Toyota Supra, straight out of Japan.

The satin bronze centers combine well with the polished titanium lips, while complimenting the black exterior of the car in a way which doesn’t necessarily scream “look at me” – and that’s something to be appreciated, as long as you don’t like your Supras looking like they belong in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Measuring in at 19×9.5 at the front and 19×11 at the rear, these wheels also feature satin bronze barrels and caps, titanium hardware and weight reduction pocketing.

Looks-wise, to some extent, the Supra’s styling was derived from the Celica’s originally, though the Supra was longer and wider and is globally recognized as a sports car icon, much like the Honda NSX. Of course, like with the NSX, plenty of people would want to see the Supra name revived, preferably into something that can rival some of today’s hybrid supercars – but that’s a whole other story.

It’s this car though that might take you on a ride down memory lane, and with custom wheels such as this, it’s classic appearance is maintained, which matters when it comes to iconic models.

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