Toyota Showcases Camatte Capsule Trailer With Customizable Interior

Toyota plans to get children hooked to the automotive world with a Camatte Capsule trailer, which will be displayed at the 2016 International Tokyo Toy Show.

Sitting at 3,785 mm (149 in) long, 1,500 mm (59 in) wide and 1,845 mm (73 in) tall, the Camatte Capsule is equipped with three screens that allows the little ones to visualize how the interior could look like in their own interpretation.

First, children will have to select from six color patterns and then choose and position a maximum of 8 out of 24 items from daily life, such as furniture, appliances or musical instruments. After the layout has been completed, parents can talk “with their children about the space (the world) they have designed”, as Toyota explains.

The name Camatte comes from a Japanese word that means “caring for others” and “caring for cars” and it was previously used by Toyota on other real size vehicles made to look like toys, such as the Camatte Sora, shown in 2012, Camatte 57s, displayed a year later, and the Camatte Hajime, which was showcased in 2015. These will join the new capsule trailer at this year’s Tokyo event, which will open its gates from June 9 for the Buyers’ days and on June 11 for the public.

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