Toyota shoots to be CO2-free; now comes the hard part

TOKYO — Toyota last week spelled out a plan to virtually end deployment of traditional gasoline engines by 2050.

Now comes the hard part: getting its network of suppliers, dealers and customers onboard with the strategy.

Executives who unveiled the plan concede even a company as big and rich as Toyota can’t meet such targets alone.

“Without support from all quarters, it will not be possible,” Senior Managing Officer Kiyotaka Ise said at an Oct. 14 environmental forum where the automaker outlined the goals.

Toyota targets a 90 percent cut in average carbon dioxide emissions from new vehicles by 2050, compared with 2010 levels.

The vision relegates the traditional internal combustion engine to just a sliver of Toyota’s total deployment by 2050. Instead, Toyota will load its future lineup with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrids and electric cars.

Also, Toyota aims to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions at all factories in the same time frame.

Toyota’s green plan – Develop and use more low-carbon materials

– Reduce the amount of raw materials used

– Reduce the number of components used

– Recycle more materials

– Design future products for easier recycling

“We are confident we can achieve this,” Ise said. “We have gone through a lot of calculations to get these figures.”

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