Toyota Setsuna concept Car unveiled for Milan Design Week

Toyota has unveiled the Setsuna concept ahead of its debut at Milan Design Week.

Named after the Japanese word for “moment,” the Setsuna is a handcrafted car that is primary constructed out of wood.  The exterior body panels are made from Japanese cedar, while the concept’s frame is made from Japanese birch.  Toyota also notes the car’s assembly structure uses a traditional Japanese joinery technique called okuriari which does not require screws or nails.

The company decided to build the concept out of wood as it has uniquely appealing characteristics and expresses the “…notion that, as a family accrues time and experiences together with their car, lovingly caring for it and passing it on to the next generation, that car will acquire a new type of value that only the members of that family can appreciate.”  Toyota also said the car can last for generations if it is properly taken care of.

Since the Setsuna is essentially a design exercise, Toyota was coy on technical specifications.  However, the company confirmed the model has an electric powertrain and a 100-year meter that keeps time over generations.

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