Toyota Safety Sense auto braking now on Aygo and Yaris

Toyota Aygo front cornering

Toyota Safety Sense – including automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning – is now available on the Aygo city car and Yaris supermini. Following the introduction of the system in the Avensis and Auris earlier this summer, Toyota has announced the technology will now be available as an option on the smaller Aygo and Yaris models in its range.

For both cars, the Safety Sense package will bring major safety updates. Toyota’s Pre-Collision System (PCS) will alert the driver when the car detects an imminent collision. If the driver responds with the brake, the Pre Crash Brake Assist will provide extra braking power. If not, Autonomous Emergency Braking will slow down the car by 19mph (with no driver interference) in order to reduce the collision impact, or avoid it entirely.

Lane Departure Warning is another feature of the Safety Sense pack, and will provide visual and auditory warnings to the driver should the car begin to stray out of its lane.

Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVti front action

In addition to this, the larger Yaris supermini will get Automatic High Beam technology. By monitoring cars ahead and headlights of both the car itself and oncoming vehicles, this enables the car to automatically switch between high and low beam, ensuring the driver’s visibility is maximised without dazzling fellow road users.

Safety Sense is available now as an option for all new Aygo models (except the base ‘x-grade’ variant) and all Yaris models other than the ‘Active’ grade. For the Aygo the package will cost £375, and £400 for the Yaris.

Some of this expenditure could actually be recovered, however, as Toyota claims cars fitted with Safety Sense will attract lower insurance premiums due to the extra safety it provides the car from a crash.

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