Toyota S-FR Concept Unveiled Ahead Of Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota has pulled the covers from a new coupe concept for the Tokyo Motor Show.

With styling that appears to be influenced somewhat by the company’s Daihatsu Copen, the S-FR concept uses a long bonnet to cover its engine which is placed up front yet as close to ‘mid-mounted’ as possible.

Which engine? Toyota won’t say just yet, but the carmaker has revealed that the concept will feature a six-speed manual transmission.

Otherwise, the recipe is classic sports car, with two doors, seating for four passengers placed as close to the rear as possible along with a large front air intake and alloy wheels.

The S-FR measures 3990mm long, 1695mm wide and 1320mm high with a wheelbase measuring 2480mm.

Toyota says its creation is designed to represent an ‘entry-level’ model, but whether that means a production version is under consideration or not is unclear.

However, the carmaker did say that the S-FR could potentially slot into its range below the 86.

This could make for a very eye-opening price point in Australia – if a production version were to make it here – given the 86 starts from $29,990 plus on-roads. The S-FR would also, therefore, undercut the Mazda MX-5 pricewise.

Earlier this year, news of the S-FR sent fans into a spin with the hope that a “Sports – Front-engined, Rear-wheel-drive” (S-FR) model could become Toyota’s new Supra.

But instead, the S appears to stand for ‘small’, with front-engined and rear-wheel-drive remaining in place.

Stay tuned to TMR for more Tokyo Motor Show news.

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