Toyota reveals the Camatte Capsule, a easily configurable trailer for kids

Toyota reveals the Camatte Capsule, a easily configurable trailer for kids image

The largest automaker in the world is taking care of its smallest potential future clients – the kids, with the introduction of the Camatte Capsule ahead of its official reveal at the upcoming Tokyo Toy Show.

The Capsule has been specifically developed as an “accessory” to the company’s Camatte concepts, the Camatte Capsule has been envisioned as a customizable trailer geared towards children. As the automaker lets us know, this trailer even has an interactive projection system which enables “children to freely visualize what they might want to do or place inside” the Camatte Capsule. The attendees of the upcoming Tokyo Toy Show will be allowed to customize the trailer by using a tablet with a specially designed app.

Thanks to the application, six different color patterns can be projected – and then a total of eight different objects can be added inside the trailer. It appears that among them visitors will find a bed, a basketball hoop, and a toolbox. The design then gets projected on three of the trailer’s walls and Toyota believes parents and kids will be able to discuss the designs envisioned by the small ones. The aim is to “convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to the next generation,” and the trailer will be showcased next to the Camatte 57, Camatte Hajime and Camatte Sora concepts.

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