Toyota Recreates Marty McFly’s 4×4 from “Back to the Future”


When it come to Back to the Future, the obvious car connection is the time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12, which goes back in time, back to the future, and eventually to the future. But the real unsung hero vehicle from the BTTF franchise is the Toyota pickup that Marty lusts after.

At the end of the first movie, Marty finally gets that truck, and it makes a brief appearance at the beginning of BFFT II and plays a role throughout the rest of the trilogy, including the second to last scene of the final movie. To commemorate that truck, Toyota has rolled out something very special.


Toyota has created a modern version of Marty’s truck, out of a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. It features the same black paint job, along with a host of other modifications, including lifted suspension, TRD wheels, BF Goodrich tires, custom front and rear tube bumpers, tube light-bar, and KC HiLights in the front and up top.


There’s touches like movie-correct mudflaps, big TOYOTA painted onto the back, and even period-correct “D-4S” fuel injection badging. It all brings together a present-day incarnation of one of the coolest cars from the trilogy. Toyota says fans in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas can see it in major tourist destinations today only. So that means the best chance you’ll get you look at it is here.

You can check out a fan-made supercut of the original Toyota pickup in the video below:

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