Toyota recalls 59,000 Camrys, Avalons for seat-sensor glitch

Toyota yesterday recalled 59,000 2016 Avalons and Camrys to fix a problem with a front seat sensor. The sensor system tells the airbags if there is a passenger in the seat so that the device will deploy in an accident.

Toyota yesterday recalled two popular lines for problems with the cars’ seating detection systems. According to, the automaker issued a recall for 59,000 2016 Camry and Avalon models. The problem is with the Occupant Classification System (OCS).

The OCS is the system that tells your car’s airbag system that someone is occupying a passenger’s seat. If the OCS doesn’t do its job and there is an accident, the airbag won’t deploy. The issue involving the two Toyota models is OCS calibration. Toyota says the systems haven’t been calibrated properly. If they remain uncalibrated, OCS systems won’t function, and the passenger-side front and knee airbags may not deploy during a crash.

Toyota will mail recall notices to the owners of the 16,880 Avalons and 41,630 Camrys. After receiving the notice, owners can then take their cars back to their dealers to have the OCS recalibrated. There is no charge.

For further information, contact Toyota Customer Service at 800-331-4331. You can also check the website at reported on this problem.

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