Toyota Prius Turns Badass in 2016 Super Bowl Ad Teaser

The Toyota Prius is probably the last vehicle you would think is “badass.”

But that’s exactly the point the Japanese automaker hopes to make with its newest 2016 Super Bowl ad. The 90-second spot titled “Heck on Wheels” is actually a teaser that is designed to highlight the unexpected features of the all-new Prius. The commercial starts off innocently enough but then comically transforms the eco-friendly hybrid to a road-conquering sports car with a mundane nine-to-fiver behind the wheel.

The actual in-game commercial will also be a 90-second spot during the two-minute warning of the second quarter and is expected to be a new creative and not a retooled version of the teaser seen below. Toyota will also feature a Twitter tie-in, where viewers can use the hashtag #GoPriusGo to have a chance to have their tweet featured in a “live commercial” airing in one of Toyota’s post-game spots.

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