Toyota Prius Recalled For Park Brake Cable Correction

Toyota has issued a recall for its Prius hybrid this week, due to a potential problem with the park brake cable.

The carmaker has identified an issue with the cable that may see it become disengaged during normal driving, rendering it inoperable.

Normally, the floor-mounted park brake pedal would pull the cable taught to engage the rear brakes to secure the vehicle while unattended.

Should the cable fail, the vehicle may be able to roll while the ignition is on and the gear selector is in any position other than ‘Park’. This could pose a hazard to vehicle occupants, bystanders and road other users.

To date, there have been no reported incidents of this nature in Australia.

The affected Prius is the current generation, built between August 2015 and October of this year, with around 300 examples targeted in Australia. It is important to note that Prius models with electronic park brakes are unaffected.

The recall process will involve the fitment of new clips to the park brake cable. Toyota expects the necessary parts to become available later this month, and the recall process will take approximately 30 minutes – at no cost to owners.

Toyota will attempt to contact affected owners shortly, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest round of recalls should contact their local dealer or phone Toyota Australia on 1800 987 366.

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