Toyota Prius gets the lowrider treatment from Wald International

Toyota Prius gets the lowrider treatment from Wald International image

The aftermarket specialists have decided to be green and present us with a complete tuning kit specifically tailored for the new generation Toyota Prius.

With the future being electric – according to specialists – even tuning firms will need to adapt and as such Wald International is trying to stay ahead of the current with its comprehensive treatment for the Prius. By the way, the folks over at Wald also have a long history customizing Toyota’s most popular and green car. The latest update has to do with the new generation Prius and comes with a lowrider setup – and an over the top body kit. We’re unsure if this looks quirky or ridiculous but since the tuner keeps coming up with such iterations there must be a growing market for such green… things.

Wald is making the already quirky design of the Prius stand out even more thanks to the use of a massive front fender that has everything on it, up to canards on the side. The rear is also treated to a new bumper with a diffuser and an F1-styled brake light. Also on point are beefy side skirts, massive multi-spoke alloys, and a substantially lower ride height thanks to the customizations. The car is definitely a looker now though we’re wondering why the Japanese tuner refrained itself from delivering any power modifications. After all, the looks should be matched with some added oomph – since tuning the electric range is not yet an option these days.

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