Toyota Prado Diesel Downsizes To 2.8L, Gains Power, Torque

Toyota Australia has confirmed that it will equip its popular Prado SUV with an all-new 2.8 litre turbodiesel inline four from August, which, although smaller than the current 3.0 litre diesel, boasts 40Nm more torque and 3kW more power.

Peak outputs are 130kW and 450Nm for the automatic, while manual-equipped models have peak torque limited to 420Nm. Fuel economy has also improved to 7.9 l/100km for manuals (down from 8.8 l/100km), while autos drink an average of 8.0 l/100km.

With numbers like that, the 2016 Prado is bound to become the torque of the town.

2016 toyota prado hilux 1gd diesel

Designated the 1GD-FTV, the Prado’s new motor is identical to the 2016 HiLux‘s 2.8 litre turbodiesel.

And as with the 2016 HiLux, the Prado’s new diesel brings with it a brand-new six-speed automatic, which replaces the 3.0’s archaic five-speed and features gearing designed to enhance acceleration

But it’s not just the Prado’s power, torque and fuel efficiency that will benefit from the 2.8 litre engine.

Toyota says the new diesel is more refined than the engine it replaces, with balance shafts to quell vibration, acoustically-tuned inlet and EGR plumbing, anti-vibration mountings and more sound insulation around the enginebay.

Efficiency gains are made through a lighter construction technique for the cylinder head, the use of a cam timing chain rather than a belt, and roller rockers for the valvetrain.

Expect more details for the 2016 Toyota Prado range – including specifications and pricing – to surface closer to its August launch date.

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