Toyota Pays Tribute to Initial D with GT86 Concept

Toyota is paying homage to the AE86 that was made famous in the classic Japanese manga comic Initial D

The brand has put together a new GT86 to look like the famous AE86 used in Initial D, matching every detail, from the color to the writing down the side. While they share no common parts, the 86 is regarded as the spiritual successor to the AE86 that was made famous by the comics.

Toyota says that the car has a “panda-style” monochrome livery and uses custom RS Watanabe wheels, TRD suspension, a Fujitsubo exhaust, a Cusco strut brace and a carbon fiber hood. Some of the less obvious styling elements include the yellow-tinted fog lights and silver-painted engine cover. Mud flaps were also added to match the original car, while the rear spoiler was removed.

Best of all, Toyota commissioned UK-based artist Sonia Leong to imagine the real-life GT86 project car in a set of comic-style images, putting Toyota’s new creating right in the action.

Initial D tells the story of Takumi Fujiwara and his modified AA86, which he drove through the mountain roads of Japan while moonlights as a delivery driver for his dad’s tofu shop.

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